Beef karahi recipe

Beef karahi Recipe
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In which we make Beef karahi recipe. In which we discuss beef karahi recipe to easy and best way that everyone make it easily in your house.


  • Beef.
  • Haldi.
  • Tomato.
  • Black peeper.
  • Red chili.
  • Garlic.
  • Cilantro.
  • Water.
  • Dry Cilantro.
  • Yogurt.


First of all take beef about half kilogram and then boil this beef for Seven to ten minutes then add haldi, one pinch of salt and garlic.

Then fill the beef container with water in such a way that beef dip into the water. Then we keep it on wait. Take two onions of large size, green chili’s, three to four tomatoes.

Then cut these tomatoes into small pieces and drop them into the container. Then take yogurt, red chilis,haldi , salt, powder of dry cilantro.

Put all these ingredients into the cooking pan at one side and put beef at other side. Then put five to six table spoon oil into the cooking pan and heat it.

After it cut the onions in small pieces and put these pieces in oil. Then convert the onions into light golden color. At other side prepare all ingredients which are essential in recipe.

Wait for a few minutes. After few minutes onion pieces are convert in light golden shade. Then add the boil beef into the cooking pan and dry the water within a few minutes.

After it oil is easily absorb in beef. So that water is easily dry during this duration.
When you feel water is dry then add tomatoes pieces in it.

After some time when tomatoes are blending completely. Then add all the ingredients in it. Wait for some time.

Then you feel that your dish is change in beautiful shade. After it, heat them for three to four that, your ingredients can easily mix up completely.

After some time you feel that it is convert into a beautiful shade. After a few minutes you see that oil start to separate from all the ingredients in the cooking pan.

It means that your beef is heat properly. Because separation of oil is the sign of properly heat karahi gosht. At his moment, your beef is properly heat and blend.

If your beef is not heat completely then add more water. After it heat for 30 to 40 minutes. If your beef is blend already then put small quantity of that all the ingredients can be mixed very well.

After it heat it for4 to 5 minutes. After dropping the water cover the container at a medium flame for 5to7 minutes. During this duration all the water is easily absorb and dry properly in5 to 7 minutes the water is properly absorb and dry very well.

If you like beef of type, you can remove it from flam after it add the dry cilantro in it. If you want more gravy and more sourness than add yogurt in it.

Put the yogurt about one cup which is unfreezes so that it show light sourness. If it, add green chilies according to your taste yogurt give very tasty flavor than you cover it with lid.

So that yogurt is properly changed into tasty and spicy gravy. After 3 to 4 minutes your karahi gosht is ready. It is ready in very short time with tasty and spicy flavor.


Then you serve it with chapatti. After it you put this beef karahi into a beautiful dish. Then you put something on it at upper side for decoration and making attractive dish.

You can put green chilies for spicy decoration and cilantro for good and tasty flavor. You can serve it to your special guests at special events.

After it you can enjoy this beef karahi with your guest’s relative’s parents children’s at special events. Now you can enjoy it with tasty flavor.

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