Aloo ki Bhujia Recipe

Aloo ki Bhujia Recipe
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We can make Aloo ki bhujia recipe in which we discuss best Aloo ki bhujia and easy way to make everyone easily.


  • Two big size Tomato.
  • Red chili.
  • ¾ kg amount of potato.
  • Onion into small pieces.
  • One tablespoon vinegar.
  • Salt.
  • Custody (haldi).
  • Water in small quantity.
  • Green chili.
  • Chat spices.

Necessary Equipment

  • Cooking pan.
  • Wood spatula.
  • Grinding machine.
  • Cutter.
  • Burner.

Ingredients is already to this from:

First of all take ¾ kg amount of potato and cut them into round shape and also take cumin. Then chopp a big onion than take green chilies and cut into long shape, take two big size tomato and take green cilantro cutting the leaves of mint and take chat spices, take salt, take red chilies, take Custody (haldi) and take vinegar.


Take cooking pan and put oil in it and adds cumin in oil and extract the color of cumin and it give cumin fragrance and spicy flavor after some time, cumin release

its color then add onion pieces and heat them till onion pieces change into light golden shade. Heat them for 3 to 4 minutes at high flame.

Then put potato pieces in it and heat it in high flame then cover it with lid so that oil is absorb into potato pieces.

When oil is absorb properly into potato pieces than fry potato pieces 4 to 5 minutes at high flame so that potato pieces become crispy then add tomato pieces after it cover the cooking pan with lid so that tomato pieces blend properly.

Now tomato become soft then fry them for 3 to 4 minutes so that potato pieces changes its color and become crispy then add all the ingredients.

which are already prepare then stir it so that all the ingredients mix up with potato pieces properly then add vinegar About one table spoon because taste of vinegar is very well.

Vinegar can boil vegetables easily then add small quantity of water so that all the ingredients blend properly. Cover it with lid about for maximum 5 minutes.

After this time water is absorb then add green chili and also add green mint then mix up it properly.


Serve this dish to 3to 4 persons. you can make it in emergency when your guest come suddenly.

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